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06 Januari 2021

A brief overview of Bootstraps features and limitations for the creation of accessible content.Bootstrap provides an easy-to-use framework of ready-made styles, layout tools, and interactive components, allowing developers to create websites and applications that are visually appealing, functionally rich, and accessible out of the box.

The overall accessibility of any project built with Bootstrap depends in large part on the authors markup, additional styling, and scripting theyve included. However, provided that these have been implemented correctly, it should be perfectly possible to create websites and applications with Bootstrap that fulfill?WCAG?2.1?(A/AA/AAA),?Section 508, and similar accessibility standards and requirements.

Bootstraps styling and layout can be applied to a wide range of markup structures. This documentation aims to provide developers with best practice examples to demonstrate the use of Bootstrap itself and illustrate appropriate semantic markup, including ways in which potential accessibility concerns can be addressed.

Bootstraps interactive componentssuch as modal dialogs, dropdown menus, and custom tooltipsare designed to work for touch, mouse, and keyboard users. Through the use of relevant?WAI-ARIA?roles and attributes, these components should also be understandable and operable using assistive technologies (such as screen readers).

Because Bootstraps components are purposely designed to be fairly generic, authors may need to include further?ARIA?roles and attributes, as well as JavaScript behavior, to more accurately convey the precise nature and functionality of their component. This is usually noted in the documentation.

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